Here are a selection of copies of slides taken at a production of George Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man. Directed by Joan Butler of Stockleigh English, the cast included my mother, Audrey Hotchkiss, as the maid, Louka, and my step-father, Barty Hotchkiss, as the soldier, Bluntschli. Hovering the cursor over them shows a larger image.

'Arms and the Man was produced by Joan Butler. Rehearsals were held in her home, the Old Rectory Stockleigh English. She taught at the International Language School in Exeter.'
'The Blights farmed at Venn. There were three brothers Maurice was the eldest. Their father was killed in a farm accident.'
'Ann Folland lived at Forde Cross at the bottom of the hill on the way towards Stockleigh Pommeroy. I think the farm was called Forde Farm a lovely collection of old buildings. She married the dentist.'

(Quotes from Barty Hotchkiss)

If anyone can help with identifying anyone in the pictures, or has any memories of those days please contact me at the email address below.

I no longer have the originals from which these pictures have been taken but I do have larger digital copies (between 2 - 3 Mb). As you can see they aren't of particularly good quality but if anyone would like a copy please contact me at