The Holly Water was an entertaining place for my family.

My step-father loved fly-fishing and had a short, split cane rod that was perfect for fishing under the overhanging trees. He had permission from the neighbouring farmers to fish the stream and spent many hours clearing underwater and surface obstructions and creating pools to attract the insects that provided the trouts main diet. He would get up at dawn and go down to the Holly Water to catch the brown trout that we would then have for breakfast.

But early morning wasn't the only time he would fish, there was little that could give him more pleasure than a mornings fishing followed by a sandwich and a bottle of beer for lunch whilst our dog hoped for a crust to replace energy lost in rummaging through the undergrowth.

The fields alongside the stream provided an ideal place to exercise the dogs ...

... and a fallen tree, bridging the stream, would keep me entertained.

I no longer have the originals from which these pictures have been taken but I do have larger digital copies (between 2 - 3 Mb). As you can see they aren't of particularly good quality, and some have been touched up a little to remove scratches, but if anyone would like an unretouched copy please contact me at