Having moved to Devon from North West Kent whilst my step-father attended college in Exeter we had frequent visitors from 'home'.

Outside The Old Police House.

Bill Chancellor (driving), Vivien Gough-Cooper (in the back), me, and my mother (Audrey Hotchkiss) with V G-C's Merc.

Bill was a close friend of my step-father and Vivien was a friend and sponsor of the village cricket team they had both played for. He had attended the same Prep school as I and he & Vivien used to take me out for Exeats. The first time I travelled at over 100mph was in that car, with Bill at the wheel, Vivien in the front, and me in the little bench seat in the back, on the A2, going back to school in Thanet.

Wistmans Wood.
One of our regular visiting spots in those days. Clambering around within the wood is no longer approved of.

From left; Stephen Potter, Sooty Potter (front), Audrey Hotchkiss (behind), Sue Wood and William Hotchkiss, my step-father's brother and his wife to be.

Many years later Stephen Potter set up a trout farm and clay pigeon shoot in Devon.

Outside The Chapel.

Jennifer Gough-Cooper and Edmund Franklyn White arrived in a tiny two seater. We were unable to fathom how they got themselves and their luggage and a magnum of claret into it, so my parents kindly consented to look after the claret.

Jennifer is now a noted photographer and author, this link to her website opens in a new page

Across the road from the Old Police House.

Barty's family, from left; Audrey Hotchkiss (wife), Jimmy Wood, Robert Hotchkiss (brother), Penny Hotchkiss (sister), me, Dorothy Hotchkiss (mother) with Ben (brother) in her arms, Jane Hotchkiss (sister) and John Hotchkiss (father) with Chancellor, one of his Jack Russell terriers, under his arm, one of our miniature Schnauzers on the ground.

One wouldn't be able to get this close to the stones nowadays.

Me, Molly Drew and one of our Schnauzers.

Molly was a family friend who stood god-mother to one of my brothers.

If anyone can help with identifying anyone in the pictures, or has any memories of those days please contact me at the email address below.

I no longer have the originals from which these pictures have been taken but I do have larger digital copies (between 2 - 3 Mb). As you can see they aren't of particularly good quality, and some have been touched up a little to remove scratches, but if anyone would like an unretouched copy please contact me at simon@riverdale.org.uk.